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For your projects 

Industrial Floors 

Design for industrial floors, with the best technologies and unique advantages for different sectors.

  • Cost reduction in maintenance of slabs and forklifts.

  • Optimization of logistics processes within the warehouse

  • Optimization of slab thicknesses, generating economic savings.

  • Improves the structural capacity of the slab.

In addition to the supply of these technologies that will help you and generate unique value for your projects.


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With more than 30 years providing solutions for:

  • waterproofing

  • geotechnics

  • Protection

  • Stabilization

  • Filtration

Being part of projects like:

  • hydroelectric reservoirs

  • lagoons

  • roads and paths

  • slopes

Our technical teamico certificate will be running your project with the mBetter quality and efficiency. 

Our success stories

Our projects

Our business journey has allowed us, hand in hand with strategic partners, to execute large projects, bringing the best technology in the construction sector 

About us


Who we are 

Balbeck SA has a construction department offering technologies that suit the needs of each project 

Besides provides services for the sale and installation of waterproofing products of high quality standards.

+30 years

In the National market 

+800,000 M2

In Geo synthetics 

+700,000 M2

In Industrial Floors 

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